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You have questions and we have plenty of answers – Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions!

Take a few moment to review the most popular questions we received about our renting and staying in our Estate, and the answers to those questions. You are always welcome to Contact Us with any additional questions and requests for information.


What’s included with the rental rate?

“Rates shown include taxes, fees, full time housekeeping staff, groundskeeper, concierge’ services and 24hr security.”

What airport do we fly into and how far is the Estate from the airport?

“You would fly into Juan Santa Maria Intl. Airport in San Jose (SJO) It is only a quick 1 hour and 15 minute scenic drive from the airport to the estate, on the new highway.”

How far from the Beach is the Estate?

“The sands of Jaco Beach are located just 5 minutes from the estate by Taxi or Rental car. It is a quick and easy and inexpensive ride to the beach.”

How many beds total are in the estate?

“There are 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms that contain 15 individual beds total, plus 3 very nice Queen sleeper sofas plus 4 queen size inflatable blow up beds available, so we can accomadate just about any group.”

Is there a safe in the house to store our valuables?

” Every bedroom in the estate has it’s own programmable safe box in the closet for you to safeguard your passports, cash, jewelry and other valuables plus we have a larger safe in the main house to safeguard larger items like laptops etc.”

Is Casa Ponte a good venue for weddings?

“Yes, Casa Ponte specializes in small and medium size weddings and can provide everything necessary to ensure your event is the best it can be. For more information, check out our Costa Rica Weddings page.”

What is the nightlife like in Jaco?

“There is something for everyone: Bars, clubs, beachfront casual, elegant and distinct, casinos a plenty, live music almost every night, party atmosphere or chill and tranquillo, check out our Jaco nightlife page for more info.”

Will you help book our tours?

“We sure will. Our professionals will discuss the available options and help you select the best fit for you and your group.Atv’s, Horseback, white water rafting, surf lessons, zip lines, crocodile tours, and many more. Check out our Jaco tours page for more info.”

Do you offer bachelor party planning?

“This is one of our specialties. Casa Ponte is well known for hosting the best Costa Rica bachelor parties tailored to your group needs. Party on the estate in luxurious comfort or get out on the town. We will ensure that your bachelor party is a time to remember. For more info, check out our Costa Rica bachelor party page.”

Do you host Corporate Retreats?

“The Casa Ponte estate is the perfect venue for Senior management or the earners in your company to get some R&R while enjoying our customizeable meeting spaces and entertainment areas. Find more information about this and other retreats that Casa Ponte is perfect for on our Costa Rica Retreats page.”

Do I need a passport to come to Costa Rica?

“Yes, for many countries (including the US, Canada, and much of Europe), the stamp you receive in your passport is your tourist visa and is good for up to 90 days. If you are staying longer, you will need to leave the country for 72 hours before the 90 day limit expires.”

Can I drive in Costa Rica?

“Costa Rica allows you to drive on an unexpired license from your home country. The roads from San Jose to Jaco and along the entire Pacific Coast are nicely paved and well maintained. You will find some areas that are in a bit of disrepair, but this is usually in the more out of the way locations. A 4×4 is a typical choice, but really not necessary for 95% of the driving most tourists find themselves doing here. Road signs are in Spanish and locals are know to drive a bit faster than the speed limit, pass anywhere they can, and use the horn as a second language, so driving is not for everyone, but for most it is just fine. Check out our Costa Rica transportation page for more information about your options.”

What do I need to get married in Costa Rica?

“The basics are: your original birth certificate, an affidavit of single status, your police record, a valid passport, and if appicable, a divorce decree from any previous marriages. These documents need to be filed from your home country (thorugh the Costa Rica consulate). Need more specific info? this is best left to our professional wedding planners to discuss with you so that we can help ensure your needs are met without any surprises come time for your big day.”

Can we drink the water in Costa Rica?

“Yes, the water in Costa Rica is safe for drinking. There may be a few exceptions to this but especially in the tourist areas you can drink straight from the tap even though most restaurants will push the expensive bottled water.”

Is the electricity the same voltage and style as the US?

“Yes, Costa Rica has a modern power grid and while a surge suppressor is always recommended, you can plug all of your North American devices directly into the wall. European devices and appliances will require an adapter.”

What is the time zone in Costa Rica?

“Costa Rica is -6 GMT. This is the same as US Central time and because we do not recognize daylight savings, Costa Rica also spend part of the year in the US Mountain time zone. So depending on what time of year it is, you will find your self one to two hours off Pacific and Eastern timezones.”

What time does the sun rise and set?

“You can almost set your watch by sunrise and sunset regardless of time of year. Dawn is typically around 5am and dusk starts to set in at around 5:30pm. Because Costa Rica is only 8+ degrees off the Equator, our 12 hours of light is really consistent. If you are looking to see one of our world famous Costa Rica sunsets, you will want to be on-time as the sun sets very fast at this latitude.”

Are there pharmacies and doctors easily accessible?

“Yes, and Yes. Visit a pharmacy in Costa Rica and you can order just about any medication you need without a perscription. It is always advisable to bring your medication along, but if you need something, most pharmacies can get you the same meds or an available alternative specific to this marketplace. Both private and public clinics are available and their doctors provide good care. If you need emergency services, Jaco has providers that can treat or transport you to some of the best medical care available in Costa Rica. Medical tourism is a big business and not only can you get great emergency care, but also a host of specialty proceedures for a fraction of what you would pay in North America.”

What is the currency of Costa Rica?

“Costa Rica uses the colon which is typically exchanged somewhere either side of 500 colones to the US Dollar. As Costa Rica is a tourist based economy, the US Dollar is accepted almost anywhere in public and private trade. We always recommend a mix of dollars and colones as you will always get the best deal if you pay in the currency the item is priced in (sometimes colones, sometimes dollars). The denominations of colones varies from 5 colon coins to 50,000 colon notes with 1,000 | 2,000 | 5,000 | 10,000 being the most common. 20,000 and 50,000 notes are newer and not accepted everywhere.”

Will we have a great time on our Costa Rica Vacation?

“When you stay at Casa Ponte, it is nearly impossible to not have the best vacation you and your group have ever experienced. Jaco is the perfect jumping off point for anything you want to do or see while you are here and our luxurious accommodations will not disappoint. Whether you stay on the grounds and everything comes to you or you get out and cruise around the country, we are here to help ensure you have the opportunity to see and do everything Costa Rica has to offer.”

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